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The FTdx-101D comes with a 12 kHz and a 3 kHz roofing filter in the main receiver. This filter is an important feature for amateur radio. The other filters have higher frequency ranges, and you should use the right filter for the band you are working on. If you plan to use this radio in high signal conditions, it’s best to get the one that is standard for your system. metal roofing

The FTDX101D has a full-color 5-inch Full-Color display and a 3DSS screen. The frequency display is also equipped with a numeric keypad for direct input. You can also adjust the frequency of the antenna and receiver by touching the scope display. The FTdx101D comes with a MULTI display, which is similar to that of the FTDX101 series. This feature allows you to adjust the frequency, center mode, and cursor mode. You can also customize your receiver’s ‘Flex’ and ‘C/S’ functions.