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If you’re planning to install a new roof on your home, you might be wondering how much does standing seam metal roofing cost. The answer to that question depends on the size of your roof and the materials you want. The prices for installation vary depending on the size and design of your roof, and they’re further broken down by color, metal type, and locking mechanism. While you may think all standing seam panels are made of steel, some are actually made of Galvalume, a zinc-aluminum alloy. roofing company

The two main types of metals used in residential standing seam roofing are aluminum and steel. Aluminum is less expensive than steel but dents easily. These metals are also more corrosion resistant and are available in a variety of colors. If you want a more expensive material, you should opt for galvalume steel. Galvalume steel is steel that is coated with zinc, which is corrosion resistant. These roofs can last up to 100 years.

While there are many different materials for standing seam metal roofing, you can expect to pay approximately $1,200 per square. Roofing companies measure their projects in “squares” – one square is equal to 100 square feet. However, if you want the best quality metal, you may be looking at paying $1,800 per square. If you choose a cheaper metal, you may be able to save a few dollars on the installation fee.

Another consideration is the pitch. While there are several manufacturers of standing seam panels, you may want to hire an inspector to check the slope of your roof. If you’re planning to install a metal roof on a steep slope, you’ll want to make sure you choose a 1:12 pitch. Otherwise, you’ll be in for some leaks. Additionally, the standing seam system requires constant maintenance, so you’ll have to pay for this at least once every five years.

Standing seam metal roof installation costs around $18,000, depending on the size and number of metal panels you choose. The cost of installing a standing seam metal roof depends on how large your roof is and how many hours of labor the contractor will need. A smaller home with a 1,000 square foot roof can be installed for under $8500. A smaller home can get away with cheaper metals and higher-gauge steel for a lower cost.

The installation of a standing seam metal roof can cost anywhere from $17,000 to $40,000. The national average price for this type of roof is $29,000, which includes labor and materials. Whether you choose to hire a roofing company to do the installation for you or not, the cost depends on the size of your roof and the type of metal panels you choose. The cost per square is roughly $675 to $1800 and depends on the type and size of the panels you choose.

When choosing the colors of the standing seam metal roof, you have several options. Most manufacturers sell their products with a Kynar 500 coating, which offers superior protection against color fading and chalking, and is backed by a 30 year warranty. These coatings are also made of Acrylics, which protect the material from peeling or fading. They are durable enough for residential and commercial buildings alike, but there are certain minimum pitch requirements that have to be met before they can be installed.