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What should you do if it starts to rain while you’re roofing? First of all, wait for the weather to clear. Putting off the roof installation may lead to problems with adhesion. In addition to causing your work to fail, rain will void your roofing warranty. While most roofing manufacturers provide guidelines for proper installation, you are responsible for any faulty workmanship. As a result, you should wait until the weather clears before calling a roofing contractor. roofing repair

Avoiding rain is easy, but it’s important to be prepared. Start early enough that you can prevent the rain from hindering your roofing job. Light rain with little wind won’t slow you down. But heavy rains are different. Tarping the roof will be needed immediately. Even a few drops of water can cause extensive damage to the roof. For this reason, waiting for rain to clear is vital.

Another concern is the safety of the roofing crew. Most contractors will not install a new roof during rain. Not only does rain pose a risk for the roofing crew, but it can also result in serious injury. If someone slips on the slick surface, they can fall, which can cause significant damage to the roof and the people underneath. Rain can also be dangerous for the installation crew, as they could be the tallest object in a lightning strike zone.