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The first step to estimating the amount of roofing you need for your project is to measure the square footage of the roof. Taking the length and width of the roof as your measurement guides, add up the square footage of each plane. For example, a shed roof will have only one plane. Adding up each plane’s square footage will give you a ballpark figure for the number of square feet you’ll need. residential roofing

The most accurate way to estimate the amount of shingles you need is to measure the square footage of each plane of the roof. A simple rectangle-shaped roof will be around 33 square feet, while a complicated roof will have more square footage. When estimating the amount of roofing you need, remember that steep roofs will need more than one bundle, so it’s important to measure from the ground level. If you’re not sure how steep your roof is, you can also estimate the amount of shingles you’ll need by measuring the rake-edge overhangs and the length of your building.

In general, you’ll need between two and four square feet of shingles per square, including the labor. It’s important to note that the price for roofing varies from one company to another, so it’s important to compare several before making a final decision. However, if you’re working with a local roofing company, they’ll be more likely to give you a good deal. Once you know how much you need to cover, you can determine how much to order.

Another factor to consider when calculating how much roofing you need is the number of nails needed. Nails are usually bought by the pound. Ask your dealer for the right amount of nails for the size of your roof and nail lengths. Remember that the rakes, eaves, and drip edge of the roof are all measurements that need to be taken. If your roof is over a square, you’ll need at least 320 nails per square.

Regardless of your experience, it’s important to plan for a few mistakes. Generally, you should plan to order 15 percent more roofing material than you estimate. For example, if you ordered 50 bundles of shingles to cover a 1500-square-foot roof, you’ll need 57 bundles. However, this is not always the case and it is best to estimate the amount of shingles you’ll need before beginning work.

If you’re estimating the roof area, multiply the square footage by the length and width of the roof. For example, a 35-foot-long plane would require twelve square feet of roofing. Similarly, a 36-foot-long plane would need at least 300 square feet of roofing. By multiplying both length and width, you can estimate the total amount you’ll need to complete the roofing project. You can also estimate the cost of the job.