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The first step in applying roofing paper is to prepare the surface. First, clean the deck, make sure it is completely dry and free from debris. If the decking is rotten, replace it before applying the roofing felt. You should also install any drip edges, flashing, and valley liners before laying down the roofing paper. After these steps are completed, the roof is ready for shingles. Once the roofing paper is installed, you can begin installing shingles. roll roofing

You will need to overlap the first strip of roofing paper by at least five inches. Then, continue along the sides of the roof, leaving the peaks of the roof uncovered. Then, fold over the tar paper at the peak and tack it down. This will create a waterproof barrier that will direct water down to the next sheet. This process will ensure that all sections of the roofing paper are securely adhered to the roof.

Once you have the paper, you can start applying it to your roof. Make sure that each piece overlaps the previous one by at least two inches. Then, use nails to secure the overlap at 12-inch intervals. You may need to use a roof harness to help you with steep roofs. The next step is to cut the edges of the roofing paper with a utility knife. Now, you’re ready to apply the paper to your roof.

Start by rolling out the first course of roofing paper until it is even with the other side. You must overlap the felt by at least two inches before stapling it. Once you’ve completed the first course, roll out the next course of roofing paper. Afterwards, nail the last few feet. You’ll need to trim the felt that overlaps the rake. This will ensure that the roof is properly secured.

Installing roofing paper over shingles is not difficult but should be done with care. Remove stray nails and other debris before you begin. Once you’ve removed the debris, you’ll need to prepare the roof sheathing for the installation. This will make the whole process go smoothly. Remember to only do this task when there is no rain in the forecast. If you’re unsure, contact Roof Master to schedule an appointment. You can even receive a free inspection to make sure the roof is ready for the installation.

Using a glue gun to attach the roofing felt paper to the roof is another option. Gluing the roofing felt is an option for flat roofs, which is especially useful when protecting the wood decking underneath the roof. You can also heat the felt back before applying it to the roof. Be careful not to mount the roofing paper on wet sheathing, as this could lead to mold growth or even ripping off the roof. If you live in a severe climate, make sure the sheathing is dry before applying the roofing paper.