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When calculating a roof’s square footage, the first step is figuring out the roof’s length and width without falling off. Multiply these numbers to get the square footage of your roof. Next, divide this figure by 100 to get the square feet value of your roofing square. Now, you’re ready to calculate the material you need for the roof. This process is much simpler than figuring out how many square feet you need of shingles or tarp. rubber roofing

The most accurate way to estimate how much shingle you’ll need is to measure each roof plane separately. For instance, if you’re measuring a roof in a rectangle shape, multiply the length by the width. Then, add the square footage of each plane separately. Note that this can be difficult if the roof is steep, and you’re concerned about falling off. If you’re confident in your own ability to calculate roofing square amounts, you can estimate bundle quantities from the ground level. Also, be sure to include rake-edge overhangs to calculate the roof’s square footage.

Once you have your measurements, you’re ready to calculate the square footage. The length and width of your roof are the most critical factors. With a partner holding your ladder, you’ll be able to estimate the total square footage of each plane. It’s also worth keeping in mind that your roof may not be square or rectangular. In that case, it might be a triangle, trapezoid, or other shape. The formulas for calculating the area of these shapes are below.

In order to calculate the square footage of your roof, you’ll need to know the area of your roof’s footprint. The easiest way to determine this area is to measure your existing roof. You’ll then multiply the area of each edge by the length and width. After you’ve done this, you’ll want to convert the result to square feet. This will help you calculate your square footage and estimate your materials.