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Regardless of your roofing system, you should always pay attention to what size of roofing nails are used when repairing or installing asphalt shingles. Using the wrong size nail can damage the shingles or worse, cause leaks. To avoid this, always use nails with a minimum shank diameter of twelve gauge and a head diameter of three-eighths of an inch. Here are some tips on choosing the right nail for your project. Roofing Company Powell

The first nail should be installed on the ridge cap of a shingle about 1/2″ from the outer edge. Unlike nails with smaller head diameters, the first nail should never be nailed closer than 2 inches from the edge of the shingle. Adding more nails will only make the problem worse, since it will allow wind to get under the shingles and expose the nail heads to water. Incorrect nail placement can lead to problems over time.

Choosing the correct nail length for your shingle project depends on the type of material and the fastening method. A common rule of thumb is to select a nail that is three-quarters the thickness of the fastened material. However, the right length may vary depending on the material, thickness, and substrate. For example, if you are using asphalt shingles, the right length for a single nail is 17mm.

Using the correct roofing nails is as important as selecting the right material. The wrong nail size could lead to problems at the end of the project. Most building codes and GAF guidelines for asphalt shingles recommend using a minimum of four nails per shingle, but you can use up to six if you want to make sure your roofing project adheres properly. This is especially important if you live in a high wind zone.

If you use the wrong size nail, you might cause water to leak. It’s best to avoid over-nailing asphalt shingles or replacing entire shingles. Incorrectly driven nails must be repaired immediately or re-nailed in the same spot. Crooked nails must be replaced with a new nail. You must also consider the placement of the nails, since you never want them to be visible. A wrongly placed nail will cause water to leak through, so make sure they are placed in a hidden spot.

When choosing the right size of roofing nails for your home, you should consider several factors. You’ll want to choose nails that are long enough to penetrate through the shingles. Aluminum nails, for example, are less durable than their steel counterparts, so you can use them for asphalt shingles, too. Aluminum nails, on the other hand, are susceptible to corrosion, salt damage, and corrosion. Therefore, make sure you choose the right roofing nail size before you start your home remodeling project.

The number of nails needed per square foot of roofing material depends on the size of your shingles. Three and four inch nails are commonly used in residential applications, but newer products may require different specifications. A common mistake that new roofers make is thinking that they should use two nails per shingle or two every other row. While these are good general guidelines, there are many variables that can change the number of nails needed per square foot. A nail supplier will provide you with the exact amount needed for your roof size and type.