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Unlike its traditional counterparts, galvalume metal roofing includes an aluminum coating instead of zinc. Unlike galvanized steel, which is comprised of a zinc alloy, galvalume steel is not susceptible to rusting. Although it is often installed unpainted, this type of metal roofing is also widely used for residential use. While it can be installed unpainted, most homeowners choose to paint their roofing systems in order to add both beauty and durability. Regardless of its cost, however, homeowners often choose galvalume metal roofing for its low price and superior strength. roofing companies near me

Galvalume is a trademarked name of the metal alloy used in roofing systems. It’s 45% zinc and 55% aluminum, and its smaller crystals provide a smoother finish. Compared to its GI counterpart, it can be easily formed and installed. The galvalume alloy is especially beneficial for areas with a very hot climate. Besides being highly durable, galvalume is also easy to install and is ideal for both residential and commercial buildings.

The benefits of galvalume include its ability to protect steel against oxidizing, which compromises its integrity. Galvalume is most commonly used for metal roofing, but can also be installed on walls, building trim, and accents. However, it’s not recommended for fastener installations, and it’s not compatible with environments that are very alkaline. Galvalume also doesn’t perform as well if it’s damaged or exposed to the elements.

If you’re considering replacing your current roof, you should know that there are several differences between Galvalume and galvanized. Galvalume roofing is not painted and has a lower lifespan than galvanized metal roofing. Galvalume is generally more durable than galvanized metal roofing, but it costs more than its galvanized counterpart. Galvalume metal roofing is more popular among homeowners, and it’s more durable. Architects may opt for galvanized metal roofing over galvalume for a traditional look.

If you’re considering galvalume metal for your roof, you may want to visit a local roofing expert to learn more about the differences between the two. The local roof expert can tell you which metal is best for your specific climate. The pros of galvalume include increased durability and energy efficiency. If you have a budget, you might want to consider a galvalume roof. It’s also relatively affordable, starting at $5.00 per square foot.

Despite the advantages of galvalume metal roofing, it still requires maintenance. If you are worried about rusting, you should sweep the surface of the roof after erecting it. Metal drillings, pop-rivet stems, and pieces of flashing may easily confuse the surface of the GVALUME sheet. So, make sure you clean it regularly. So, now you know what galvalume metal roofing is.

Structural GALVALUME SSR systems are typically installed directly over the top of the old roof substructure. This system is designed for direct attachment to the substructure. Structural SSR panels weigh between two and five pounds per square foot and are 9.8 to 24.4 kilograms per square meter. In most cases, the original roof substructure is still suitable for the retrofit installation, but careful analysis of the substructure is necessary to determine whether it can support the weight of the new roof membrane.