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The term roofing “square” means a standardized unit for roof measurements. While roofing squares can be any shape, they must all have a minimum area of 100 square feet. One square can be 10′ x 10′, or 20′ x 5′. If you are planning to install a new roof on your home, you will want to understand the concept behind roofing “squares” before hiring a contractor. metal roofing supply

In order to determine the amount of material that you need to purchase for a new roof, first measure the square footage of the entire roof. Include overhangs and oddly shaped spots. Then multiply these two figures by 100. The result will be the total square footage. A roof with two planes will need 10 squares. Using this method, you will be able to determine exactly how much material you need to buy.

Another way to define a square is the number of shingles needed to cover a square of roof. Typically, there are three bundles per square, but you can purchase any number of shingles you need. For roofing tiles, however, squares can vary. While shingles tend to be one of the most commonly used roofing materials, tile and concrete tiles are both commonly used. A square of shingles is the same as three bundles.

Roof pitch can be simplified by adding the fractions on either side to give you a more accurate measurement. You can simplify the equation further by dividing the slope by its square footage. Thus, a five-quarters roof pitch will give you a slope of 1.118. Multiply the total area by these two factors to obtain the total square footage of the roof. By using the square footage you can calculate the total square footage of the roof.

When estimating the size of a roof, knowing the size of the roof will help you prepare for damages. Also, you will be better prepared for new roof construction if you know the square footage. For roofing contractors, roofing squares are a useful way to compare a roof’s size and cost. When estimating the size of a roof, you should keep in mind that a house is usually over a thousand square feet, so knowing the square footage of your roof will help you decide what materials you need.

Roofing squares are important because they determine how many bundles of shingles you’ll need. During installation, contractors will take into account the amount of waste generated during the project. As a result, they’ll charge more or less depending on the complexity of the roof and the architectural details. Therefore, you may want to consult a roofing contractor to determine how much material you’ll need. Fortunately, asphalt shingles are both affordable and durable, and come in a variety of colors and styles.