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When you are planning a new roof for your home, you’ll need to figure out how many square feet it covers. This is an important question to answer if you want to avoid wasting too much money on roofing materials. A roofing square is an area of 100 square feet that is 10 feet by 10 feet in size. If you’re unsure how many square feet your roof will require, it’s best to seek professional help. rubber roofing

If you don’t know how many square feet you need, you can use a roofing calculator. It will help you determine the number of roofing squares you need for your home, as well as the number of different materials you’ll need. You can also use a calculator to estimate the number of squares you need if you’re working on a smaller project. To make sure you’re not over-buying, consider getting an estimate from a professional roofing contractor.

Roofing squares are also useful when you want to get the right amount of shingles. A roofing square has 100 square feet of shingles, so you can multiply the number of bundles by three to get the total square footage. It’s important to remember that a roofing square is not the same as your house’s square footage, which is usually 50 percent to 60% larger on a single story home. Furthermore, there is usually waste in the form of shingles that are cut off or overlapped during installation.

If you’re installing a new roof, you’ll also need to order the right amount of underlayment. This material forms a barrier between the shingles and the wood underneath them. Typically, underlayment comes in rolls of four squares each. This means that you’ll need between five and six rolls of roofing felt for a two-thousand square foot roof. A roofing contractor can provide a free estimate of underlayment for your project.