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If you’re wondering how to put up metal roofing on your home, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re new to building a metal roof, there are a few simple steps to follow for proper installation. First, take the measurements of your roof. The measurements are the square footage of the roof, the distance between the eave and ridge, and the angle or pitch of the roof. Then, purchase the appropriate roofing screws and order them from a metal roofing supplier. The screws should be the same color as the roof, and you should make sure to tighten them tightly to prevent leaks from rainwater. roofing supply

During the installation, look for details on the roof. For example, do you need rivets in the valleys? If so, you should avoid drilling these rivets, which can create a hole in the underlayment. Make sure to follow the installation details of the manufacturer, as they will show you how to put up your metal roofing properly. However, if you are unsure of how to put up metal roofing, you can always discuss your concerns with them before completing the project.

Then, place the panels on top of the closure strip. The closure strips are designed to fit over the corrugated underside of the panels. They prevent water and bugs from entering the panels. Place the closure strips an inch from the eave and then secure them with butyl tape. Once you’ve positioned your metal panels, make sure they overhang the eave by one inch. Then, use the measurement of the eave and bottom eaves as a reference line. Once you’ve positioned your panels, install the gable trim on both sides of the ribs.

Before you begin installing your metal roof, take the time to make sure you understand all the safety precautions. You should have access to a stable ladder and scaffolding. A workman’s glove is a must. Make sure you have enough space to install the panels, and the power supply for the tools. If possible, use different outlets for the installation process. Make sure you are safe while working as metal panels can be dangerous.

You should also purchase 7/16-inch plywood to work with. The plywood will support the metal roof, and help you install the screws without falling. For extra protection, you should use felt moisture barrier. This is not craft store felt – it’s a thick, tar-like material that’s infused with asphalt or tar. Installing felt over plywood will keep moisture out and protect the plywood from damage. It’s important to follow all local building codes while installing metal roofing.

The direction of installation is crucial. Depending on how your metal roof will be installed, you may need to temporarily attach panels to a substructure. Be sure to keep the area under the roof dry before walking on the panels. Once the roofing materials are installed, you’ll be able to start the inside trades. After all, you don’t want anyone in your home getting wet! You can hire someone to do the installation for you – and it’s certainly safe for beginners!