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If you’re wondering how to put roofing shingles on your house, read this article. We’ll show you the basics. You’ll also learn how to nail shingles. Start by placing each new shingle against the one before it. Ensure that the shingles overlap the nail heads by at least an inch. Then, apply asphalt cement to the shingles and nails. Then, put them up on the roof. roofing company near me

First, measure the roof. Make sure to measure the length and width of the building’s roof. You can find this measurement by measuring the distance between the lower edge and the peak of the roof. Measure the distance and then mark the exact distance. If the distance between two points is less than the width of a roof, take the smaller of the two measurements. You should then cut each shingle to the proper length.

Once you know how to measure the length and width, cut each shingle to fit. Lay them overlapping by about a half-inch. Remember to leave an overhang of approximately one-inch on the sides and one-inch on the leading edge. Apply roofing nails to the shingles, making sure to use a strip of tar to hold them down. Nail four shingles per row. You don’t want to nail them too tightly.

You can also purchase precut shingles. You’ll want to buy more than one bundle of shingles to complete the job. If you are buying multiple shingles, you should use the same manufacturing lot. That way, you’ll have fewer differences in color. You can also use different shingle bundles, which minimizes the color differences. Then, you’ll be able to use up your shingles quickly, rather than spending days or weeks covering the roof with leaves.

In order to measure how many bundles of shingles you need, measure the length and width of the main section of your roof. Then, multiply the length by three to find the total area of the roof. Typically, three bundles cover about 20 squares. You can purchase more bundles if necessary, but you can always return unopened ones later. If you aren’t sure what size bundle you need, you can always return them for a different size.

After securing a few shingles to the roof, it’s time to nail them on. The first row should have the vertical cutouts offset, while the second row should overlap the bottom edge. To nail the shingles on, use four nails, one for each side. Remember to keep a chalkline between rows to make sure that everything is straight. If you don’t follow the steps outlined above, you will end up with an uneven roof.

When you’re ready to put the shingles on the roof, wear rubber-soled boots, gloves, and protective eyewear. Wearing a hard hat is mandatory in colder climates. And remember to watch the weather. Even if you’re doing the job alone, it can still be dangerous if you get caught in rain or snow. In such cases, you’ll want to get help from a professional.