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To begin measuring your hip roof for metal roofing, you will need to know the dimensions of your eave. Measure the ridge rafter and run a measuring tape up and down the opposite ridge rafter. Make sure to note the width of the eave in feet. Then, divide the width of the eave by the number of sheets you’ll have on your roof. roofing supply near me

You can calculate the hip length by measuring the width and length of the roof. For example, a 6×12 hip roof will need a total length of 18 feet. If you have a valley, multiply the length by the slope factor of 1.50. The same formula applies for measuring the hips and valleys. For example, the length of a six-foot valley on the right side of your roof is nine feet.

Next, you will need to draw out the outline of your roof. To do this, you can use binoculars and measure the distance between adjacent roof panes. Then, you can use these measurements to estimate the size of your roof. Remember to take into consideration overhangs and other features. When you’re done drawing your roof, you can add them to your drawing to get an accurate measure.

Another way to estimate the size of your roof is to use Google Earth. Then, take your measurements from this perspective. The more angles you measure the more accurate your estimate will be. This way, you can see whether your roof has additional peaks or valleys, as well as any entrances or window hangs. You’ll also be able to zoom in and out, and rotate the camera. Once you’ve got the measurements, you’ll be ready to send your plans to a metal roofing supplier and have your estimate!

You can also make an aerial view of your roof to get an idea of how many panels you’ll need. The picture does not have to be perfect, but it should clearly identify all features of your roof, such as overhangs and porches. You can also take measurements of the slope of the roof. Knowing the slope of your roof will help you determine how many panels you’ll need, and how long you should order.

If you’re planning to cut your metal roof panels, you’ll need to measure them properly. If you aren’t familiar with how to measure a hip roof, you can use a metal-saw blade or tin snips to cut them to the right size. You’ll be able to get a better fit for your panels if you order them at the same time as your roof screws.

You should also measure the ridge cap. The ridge cap should fit tightly over the panels. You can mark the placement of the ridge cap with a chalk line. Once you have a clear measurement, run a strip of sealant tape the entire length of the ridge. This distance is typically 1 inch. Make sure that your closure strip fits snugly over the metal panel. Finally, you’ll want to make sure that the panels will not fall off of the ridge.