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You have probably heard the phrase “pro-rib,” but do you know how to install this type of roofing? This article will explain how you can get your roof installed with PRO-Rib Metal Roofing. There are two main advantages of this type of roof. It keeps its beautiful look for as long as you own it. Additionally, PRO-Rib Metal Roofing adds resale value to your home. metal roofing supply

When installing pro-rib steel roofing, you must carefully measure the panels and follow the manufacturers’ guidelines for placement. Depending on the manufacturer, fasteners may be placed inside the ribs, or flat. You should also check the fastening pattern for hurricane-prone areas. It is important to follow manufacturer guidelines to avoid buckling. You should also make sure to avoid over-tightening screws. You should also place a washer under the screw head.

The next step is to install the ridge cap. To do this, you must make sure that the cap is lapping the metal roof panels evenly. You can mark the placement with a chalk line. Then, apply sealant tape along the ridge line, running it up approximately an inch. You should then stack the next ridge cap piece over the first piece, making sure to overlap it at least 6 inches. You may also need to trim the ridge cap to fit correctly.