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If you’re a commercial roofer, your best bet for generating roofing leads on Facebook is with an AdWords campaign. Facebook allows you to run lead ads with a pre-populated form that people can fill out. This makes it easy for them to submit their information, especially from mobile devices. If you want to get the most out of your ad campaign, consider using a value-first approach. local roofing companies

Putting a face to your business will help your lead resonate with your brand and personality. A short video of yourself working on a roof can do wonders for your brand, and an “About Us” page is a great recruiting tool, as well. Be sure to highlight the benefits of your service and the financing options available. Don’t forget to mention any guarantees or community commitment you have. Then, target potential clients who are looking for roofing services and use Facebook’s powerful ads to attract those prospects.

Facebook offers a unique opportunity to generate leads, and it’s the perfect platform for this. When a storm hits, you can send out a notification through Facebook to alert people to your services. You can also use the messaging feature to provide excellent customer service and generate more leads. Aside from generating more roofing leads, Facebook allows you to target demographics within specific zip codes and geographic areas. The result will be more customers for your business.

You can also try promoting your business on Facebook by using an infographic. Infographics are visually appealing images of facts and statistics. They are highly engaging for viewers. If you have an infographic on average shingle lifespan, you can use that information in your Facebook ad. They’ll notice your ad, and if they like what you’re saying, they’ll want to hire you.

To attract more potential customers, you must understand the psychology of your target audience. You can connect with them better by sharing valuable content on your pages. This is especially true with videos. Social media users watch more videos than other content, and videos can educate your followers about the process of roofing. By creating a video about the products and services you offer, you’ll be able to educate your target audience about your work and answer questions about them.

Remember to nurture your leads after they become roofing leads. Using automation, you can set up automated emails to introduce them to your company’s products and services. Automated emails can help you persuade them to buy. Social media and the Internet are great tools for gaining credibility and converting interested people into loyal customers. You can also use Facebook ads to attract potential customers. So, how do you generate roofing leads on Facebook?

To attract new customers, use Facebook to showcase your work. Your business’s Facebook page can be an extension of your online portfolio. Post pictures of recent roofing projects to attract prospective customers. Also, post original content on your page. People love to engage with brands that post content online. You can share photos of your work, check in with your business at a specific location, and ask your followers to rate you. By providing your followers with content, you’ll attract more potential customers and build a solid reputation.