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Regardless of the reason, knowing how to cut off roofing nails is crucial for avoiding further damage to your roof. Although movement of nails is small each day, if there is a drastic shift, they can cause damage to your roof’s top layer. Many homeowners have experienced the hump left by backed-out nails. If you notice such a hump, cut off the nail and replace it with a new one. roofing

Before you cut off a roofing nail, locate its head. If you can’t locate it, use a claw bar. You can also use a hammer to pry off the head. Make sure you wear safety glasses and take care not to hurt yourself while removing the nails. Depending on the number of nails, this task may take some time. To clean the roof after cutting off nails, you can use a magnet to pick up leftover pieces and nails.

To patch holes in shingles, use felt paper. Cut a piece of felt paper into 2-by-2-inch squares and fold it in half. Lift the damaged shingle and apply a half-teaspoon of asphalt cement. When the patch is dry, lay back the shingle. If it is still a bit uneven, add a dab of asphalt cement along the lower edge of the shingle.