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Roofing contractors can help homeowners find solutions for uncovered nails. In most cases, you can seal exposed nails with a suitable sealant that matches the material of your roofing and flashing. To help seal exposed nails, some roofers rub two shingles together so the granules adhere to the sealant. This practice is a temporary fix with no long-term effect. A regular inspection of your roof is crucial to spot deteriorated sealant and nails, as well as nail pops and leaks that may require costly repairs. metal roofing types

Exposed nail heads are a common sight on a roof. It can occur at the ridge or the flashing, as a result of roof repair or a nail pop. These exposed nails are vulnerable to rust, which shrinks their diameter and opens up a hole for water to seep through them. In time, this water leak may go undetected until it stains the ceiling. Eventually, water will accumulate in the attic, resulting in mold and other problems.

If you find a few exposed roofing nails, it’s time to contact a roofing contractor. The contractor may have been a relative. He or she may be stating that the exposed nails are normal, but a competent inspector wouldn’t blink at exposed nails on flashing and vent adapters. An exposed nail is a warning sign of a poor job. If you have a question, make sure to get a second opinion by taking a picture of the damaged area and providing details of the repair.

Once you’ve done this, you can apply asphalt cement to the exposed nail head. To do this, you’ll need a ladder and safety boots. Next, you’ll want to remove the damaged shingle. You should then place the exposed nail head on the roof. Then, squeeze the roofing tar tube into the void. The tar should be applied on the top of the nail, underneath it, and around the exposed nail.