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You may have been wondering how to attach roofing felt to your roof. First, you need to remove the old felt from the roof. Remove any roofing nails as well. Also, remove any sharp objects from the surface of the roof, as these can damage the new felt. It is best to use a utility knife that has a hooked blade to make the cuts easier. You should also place a ladder against the wall of your house to reach the roof. Remove the old roofing material and nail the new one. roofing contractors

Next, you need to lay down the underlay. Make sure that the length of the felt matches the length of the roof, and cut off any excess felt. You should start nailing from the centre of the felt, working outwards. When nailing, leave at least five centimetres between nails. Ensure that the nails are tight and are in line with the roof. After this, you can begin installing the felt.

Ensure that the eave line is exactly 33 5/8″ above the tar paper. Snap the lines at every 34″ as you move up the roof. Ensure that you have an assistant ready for the snaps. Using a staple gun, staple the first roll of roofing felt to the roof. Then, repeat the process for the remaining rolls of felt. If the roof has a gable type, you should lay roofing felt in the middle.

To install the felt, first roll out ten to twelve feet of it. Then, align the felt so that it runs parallel with the edge of the roof. Make sure the felt is wrinkle free. Then, using roofing nails, fasten the strip of felt along the eaves. Once the strip is complete, cut off any excess felt. Make sure the top and middle of the felt overlap the previous one by two or three inches.

Once you have the felt in the right place, you can use nails or staples to secure it. However, it is crucial to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the roofing felt before installing it. If it is not properly applied, the felt may blow off the roof when it is exposed to strong winds. A properly installed roofing felt will ensure the safety of your family and home and will increase its life. The roofing felt is not just waterproof, but it also offers additional insulation and protection.

Next, you must measure the roof surface area. Typically, one roofing felt roll covers 430 square feet. You should buy additional rolls if necessary. Then, unfurl each roll of roofing felt on a flat surface and mark a vertical line to indicate the length of the roof. If the length of the roof does not equal the length of the roof, measure again. You may need to add two inches to one of the measurements.