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If you have a new roof or are looking to redo your old one, you may be wondering how to apply roofing granules. Granules are small, lightweight particles that help form a slip-resistant surface. The first step in applying these granules is to clean the roof thoroughly. Usually, you will need about 40 lbs of granules per hundred square feet. To get the best results, apply between 10 to 20 lbs per square foot. You can also use a walkpad over heavily trafficked areas. roofing shoes

You can also add granules to a spray-applied roof to add extra strength. These granules will also make the roof a little cooler, which will reduce your utility costs. Adding them to a new roof will also give you more money to spend on other expenses, like the new roof. Additionally, they’ll add aesthetic beauty to your home and help make it safer and cooler.

Regardless of the type of stone you choose for your roof, you need to choose a material that will stand up to the elements and maintain its color for a long time. Granules are made of asphalt and other materials, which means they’ll not dissolve in water. However, they can deteriorate easily, so be sure to choose a durable, opaque material. To prevent water damage, consider installing a walk pad underneath the roof.

When it comes to applying granules to a roof, you should also make sure there isn’t any debris on it. As a result, they’ll scrape off valuable granules. Try pruning bushes or trees to reduce the amount of debris that falls onto your roof. You can also avoid clogged gutters because this will only lead to more granule shedding.

Taking care of your roof’s granules is essential, as too much granule loss will create problems on other parts of the house. If the granules fall off the roof, they will end up in the gutter runoff and look like coffee grounds. That’s a sign of premature wear and tear. In addition, if you have a seamless gutter, you should keep shingles clean so they won’t become clogged.

Some granules become loose during the packing or shipping process. You’ll have to replace those granules yourself if you’re not confident enough. However, the right kind of granules is crucial for a successful roof. Keeping the wildlife off your roof will prevent excess granule loss. If you don’t apply roofing granules properly, you might end up with algae and rotting shingles.

Granules can either be a normal part of a roof or a sign that it’s time to have your roof repaired or replaced. It’s important to get a professional opinion, as peace of mind is priceless when dealing with such a large investment. You should also have someone inspect your roof if you recently had any work done. If you’ve never had your roof inspected, consider hiring a roofing inspection.